House Extensions Brisbane

House extensions can add a whole new dimension to an existing property. Whether you’re looking to add extra bedrooms, bathrooms or expand a living space within your dream home, we’re adept at designing and constructing house extensions in Brisbane, to give your home or property something extra. With our end to end management of the design and build, our clients benefit with a stress free experience and the delivery of a quality built home extension. With all of our house designs we look for opportunity to get the best out of the existing house, before looking to expand. Whether you repurpose existing rooms, or reconfigure the existing layout so as to optimise the design flow. We pride ourselves on transforming spaces and doing it ethically, by achieving great designs that account for functionality and aesthetic, to clients budgets.

House Extensions without Hassle!

Home extensions are a viable alternative to a comprehensive renovation. Where there is a need to expand because homeowners have outgrown the existing space or it is no longer practical. Due to the available budget a home extension provides an excellent resolution to provide the lifestyle change many people are seeking. In fact many of our home extension projects weren’t initially considered as an option. But after an analysis of clients houses, budget and a review of what they were hoping to achieve, a bespoke home extension was agreed to be the best outcome. The development of concept plans, detailing the opportunity in extending and mitigating the need for major changes to the existing structure, reflected in the most cost effective way to deliver the clients wish list.