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4 Reasons Why Buying From A Combined Builder Developer Is Beneficial

We appreciate there are always reservations when it comes to buying off the plan. One way to mitigate these concerns is to buy from a small boutique builder who is also the developer.

1. Better Quality Control and Flexibility

Builder developers are usually considered bespoke, and not geared towards volume like many other construction companies. They have plenty of information online, where potential clients can explore former projects, imagery, videos and testimonials to get a better sense of their reputation and the quality of their builds. This is less possible with straight up developers, who often shop around for builders with each project that comes their way, which can result in inconsistent quality.

When the developing and building process is undertaken by the same business, it means the process will be far more straightforward and streamlined. This means that quality is tightly controlled, resulting in a cohesive and high-quality finished home.

With builder developers, it’s also much easier to make changes during the design and building process, no matter how far along in the project. When a developer and builder are separate, these changes tend to be more time consuming and costly.

2. Personalised, Professional and Streamlined

Bespoke builders, as opposed to large-scale companies who take on many projects at a time, will often deal with clients one-on-one every day, which results in open communication, transparency and honesty.

At Linear Design + Construct, clients are connected to our client management system, which is a cloud based 24/7 accessible platform that amongst many functions, allows clients to track progress of their home in real time. This system also allows them to view the finishes and features being added to their home as they’re being completed. This transparent platform means that clients are less likely to be disappointed, as they’ve seen the work being done on their home before handover.

3. More Regulation

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act requires that builders ensure homes are built to a proper standard and provide remedies for defective building works. This usually only refers to builders, but if the developer and builder are the same, this introduces another tier of regulation and accountability.

While this can mean more red tape for your home, it also means your project is safe-guarded by more regulation and will result in a higher-quality build that is exceptionally adherent to Queensland law.

4. Construction and Quality Guarantees

A home project involves a 6.5 year warranty for structural issues, and six months for minor defects, which are the responsibility of the builder. Traditionally a client is in contract with the developer only and if there are items that arise during the warranty period, the client effectively needs to take these up with a builder that they have never had any prior dealings with.

However, when you work with a builder developer, this is a more seamless process, as the client’s relationship with the builder has been in place since the early stages of the project.

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