Design + Construct

Whether you’re considering a renovation, extension or brand-new custom home, we highly recommend a design + construct service. This is our most popular building service at Linear Design + Construct – so popular in fact, that we named our business after it!

We love design + construct as it makes the design, planning and construction processes simple and stress-free.

What is Design + Construct?

Design + construct is a project delivery system that uses a single entity known as a “design-builder”. Rather than engaging an architect or building designer first and then approaching a builder with pre-designed house plans, design + construct means the entire build is overseen by one party.

At Linear Design + Construct, we work in collaboration with other tried and tested professional consultants but are very independent of these practices. This allows us the best of both worlds, where we benefit from ongoing working relationships and the benefit of superior service that brings. All the while we can critically assess and push for identified improvements or changes to their designs that will benefit our clients.

The process allows the house designer/consultant to employ their creative side in developing the design to the clients brief and budget. We constantly review the design as it progresses, employing a fresh set of eyes from a unique perspective. First to ensure that it aligns with the clients brief and budget and ensure there are no errors. Also, it allows us the time to review its buildability, and in doing so look for improvements and identify possible risks early.

This results in our partnered building designers working closely with clients to create a house design that suits their lifestyle and unique requirements. Then, our project management and construction team will organise building permits and council approval, before delivering the new home to our clients’ exact specifications, within a specified budget.

Benefits of Design + Construct

There are several advantages to design + construct

  1. Avoid proceeding with designs that will result in build cost, nowhere near the client’s budget. Without doubt this is the single biggest issue that has plagued the traditional process. Where homeowners have not only invested large sums of money, but also time and emotion in developing a design and the pursuit of approvals. Only to find after all that they can’t proceed with the build as it is well in excess of their budget. With our collaborative process we provide oversite as the design develops to ensure it reflects the budget. Given that we are specialist in the cost to build, this input is invaluable as the design develops so as to avoid the heartache of unaffordable builds
  2. Identify any potential risk items whilst the design develops, that may jeopardise the potential approvals. This allows our clients to make informed judgements and assess for themselves any questionable details that may or may not be rejected well in advance of investing time and money in finalising the design and lodging for any approval
  3. Look for potential cost savings in the build by identifying possible design alternatives or substituting ‘like for like’ products or outcomes on what has been proposed. The value this part of the service brings to a home build is enormous. As building designers develop their plans with a vision on creativity. We specialise in building homes to a fixed price and with years of experience can make considered suggestions on alternatives that will save our clients money.
  4. With our collaborative involvement throughout the design and approvals process, we reduce the potential for variations during construction. As the design develops, we constantly review it so as to ensure that there is a smoother construction process. As this will be our opportunity to address any foreseeable issues that would adversely affect the home build. With the  traditional method of design, bid, build, there tends to be no collaboration, where each stage is completed before involving the next party. It is only after construction has begun that it becomes clear the design has errors, or is missing important elements, that the client is forced to pay extra  to remedy these issues as variations

When you choose design + construct, both the design and building team will be working together from the very first day. Not only will there be a seamless transition between your completed design idea and the construction of that design, there’s less room for error in the design or budgeting and less chance of expensive variations during construction.

Having a single point of contact during your entire build also makes for a more seamless and stress-free building process.


Why Choose Us?

Our expert team has over 25 years’ experience bringing new homes and custom renovations to life across Brisbane. We’re well placed to create your custom home design, with all the necessary inclusions, and bring this to life using our unique designer-led build approach.

We ensure the highest quality standards and expert craftsmanship are used in your home and guarantee complete transparency and a personalised service throughout your project.

Lastly, if you’re not happy with the house design we create, there’s no obligation to continue with construction. We can either go back to the drawing board or you can take the plans and review these as you consider what to do next.


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 If you’re ready to engage a highly experienced team to design + construct your next project, get in touch with the team at Linear Design + Construct today.

Take a virtual walk through tour – As part of our design development, we can offer comprehensive modelling, prior to the commencement of any on site work. You’ll have peace of mind, knowing with absolute certainty, what your finished product will look like.