Custom Home Builders Brisbane

Custom Home Builders Brisbane


While building your brand-new custom home in Brisbane is an exciting prospect, it can also be a daunting one. There are so many hours that need to be put into research, paperwork, planning and contacting the various parties that will be involved in the project.

When you choose to work with Linear, we’ll streamline the process, making sure your project is rigorously planned and meticulously constructed while being delivered on time and within budget. One way we achieve this is through our design and construct service, which allows you to design and build your home entirely in-house, without the need for engaging an external designer or architect. This service is ideal if you’re after a straightforward, stress-free process with one point of communication that will deliver incredible results.


Linear has built a reputation for our attention to detail, and a prolific portfolio filled with custom homes that feature refined design and tasteful inclusions. We understand what luxury means for homeowners in 2022 and beyond, and craft exceptional abodes filled with personal touches, elegant details and selections that prioritize both form and function. No matter what style you’re after – whether that be coastal luxury, classic Queenslander or refined modernity – we can help you achieve your goals. If you’re working with a designer or architect, we can help in turning those plans into a reality, and ensuring those fine details are executed with the required craftsmanship and style.


Have you found the perfect block of land, but there is an existing home on it? Are you wanting to stay where you are, but want to build an entirely new home from scratch? This is where our high-quality knockdown rebuild service comes in. This service allows you to knock down the existing home and build an entirely new custom home in its place.

Before you settle on a renovation, you should ask yourself: ‘How much of my current home do I want to change?’ If the answer is the vast majority, it might be worth considering a knock down rebuild instead. Often times, a knock down rebuild may be more cost savvy rather than a large-scale renovation, and will allow you to have a blank canvas as opposed to having to accommodate an existing structure – which will no doubt limit your design vision. At Linear, we can oversee and execute the entire process, from design and demolition through to handover – leaving you to focus on defining your vision for your dream home.

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Can you Build a 3 Story House in Brisbane?

Technically houses can be no more than 2 storeys, but the Brisbane City Council may allow components of 3 storeys (in one section) where necessary to enable a predominantly 2 storey dwelling address the topography (slope) of the site. These are generally limited to sloping sites with the 3 storey portion being stairwells, to access each level

How Much does it Cost to Build a House Brisbane?

Once again it is near impossible to provide a value that could be applied to construction costs of every new build home in Brisbane, given the nuances of different builds. New home construction rates, generally are cheaper than renovation rates, However the construction $/m2 rates of a custom built new home can vary greatly between different builds. These will be effected the site conditions (rock or sloping), type of build (timber frame or double brick cavity), scale of build and standard of finish (budget finish or high end).

How Long does it Take to Build a House?

Any construction program will be dictated by such things as site specific elements (such as flat or sloping site, rock, access, etc) scale of project, simplicity of the design. Recently labour and supply issues have had a detrimental impact on the time frame of every house build project. As well as inclement weather and its effects on site conditions have also had a major impact on construction program. Historically, a custom-built new home would take anywhere from 6 -12 + months (simple to more difficult builds), with only exceptional type homes beyond that time frame.