At Linear, we are committed to improving not just our standards, but are committed to raising the standards of the entire Residential Building Industry.

We believe it starts with educating the public into the various aspects of the planning, designing and build process.

Because a better-informed customer will not only assist the build process.

A better-informed customer will raise the standards within the entire Building Industry as they will expect and demand these higher standards.

The wrong way to get a builders quote!

The truth about Building Quotes!🔨💲

💲When was the last time you paid a business zero to undertake a time consuming and resource draining service and in return you received an exceptional outcome?

💲Chances are never.

💲Why would a builder's business be any different from other businesses?

💲If the only way a builder will be reimbursed for the work they do in compiling the quote, is to win the job.

💲The builder will most likely do whatever they need to to reduce their price for submission.

💲Unfortunately this is generally either removing scope of works or low balling allowances

This will help you select an architect🤔

What you need to know before hiring an architect❓

🤔With your 1st meeting with your preferred architect. You should discuss what you are trying to achieve with your project (brief).

💲It is at this point the architect should ask your 'Budget'.

🤔If at no point there is ever any discussion about your budget, then you should be concerned!

💲A budget is fundamental to any project. Without it there really is no way to determine what the extent of the design can be.

🤔You need to be comfortable that any design that you agree to, is something that you can afford.

💲If you haven't discussed the budget, while the design develops. The concern would be the architect doesn't want the accountability of designing to a nominated figure.

📐For more tips on how to ensure your design will be in sync with your budget. Join our online course Queensland Home Renovation Masterclass

What are Latent Conditions and how should you manage them?

What are Latent Conditions and how should you manage them? Latent conditions are a physical condition on or near the site taht could not reasonably have been anticipated by a competent contractor at the time of tendering.
There are several ways a competent builder may deal with these in the contract. Either
• Exclude them from their scope of works
• Or include them within the contract works, either taking the contractor’s risk and cost these into the contract sum. Or nominate a provisional sum to cover these works. The provisional sum for want of a better description, is an allowance which is best guess at the time of tendering that will cover the cost to attend to these works.

When is the best time to engage your builder?

When is the best time to engage your builder? This might sound counterintuitive, but the best time to engage your builder is during the start of the design process. Builders calibrating with architects and engineers during the design development help de-risk a project. As there skill set allows them to provide options that may successfully impact on the build of the project.
This is the position of Joe Adsett of Joe Adsett Architects (Brisbane's premier architecture practice) advocates.

If you're interested in a great podcast in property development, I can not recommend highly enough Property Developer Podcast -

When Is the best time to use PC Items and Provisonal Sum Allowances?

When is the best time to use PC Items and Provisonal Sum Allowances? There is a lot of needless anxiety when it comes to utilising PC Items and Provisional Sums. We detail how effective these are during the design development, so as to ensure the project is sync with its budget. This enables the project to proceed with certainty before going to the gretaer expense of additional detailing. ...

What are PC Items and Provisonal Sums

When seeking a tender from your builder, due to a lack of detail it may be necessary for the builder to adopt Prime Costs Item Sums and Provisional Sums. We cover what these are and how they are implemented in the tender and potentially inserted into the the contract. ...

What to look for when choosing a builder

In need of a builder, but don't know where to start looking? We cover the essential items that you should review and the process to follow in choosing the best builder for you. We detail items you should research before you engage your builder. ...

Why it's in your interest to pay your builder for a quote

This may sound strange, but Linear Design + Construct Director Michael Pinter explains why it's in your best interest to pay your builder for a comprehensive quotation. Michael details the high level of risk associated with seeking free quotes ...

How do you know if your builder is organised?

How do you know if your builder is organised? A good start is to ask them what construction programming tool do they use? See when a builder employes the use of a construction program, it allows them to forward plan, and be pro-active in identifying possible upcomming issues. Instead of being reactionary to issues that would have been identified a lot earlier with a liitle research. ...