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At Linear Constructions, we are committed to producing outstanding designed homes for all our clients. We take pride in the years we have spent developing a legacy of refined homes in the heart of Brisbane and beyond. Our team navigates every build with the meticulous attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship that we have become renowned for.

From stunning structural features to innovative techniques and outcomes, we deliver a collaborative building experience that exceeds all expectations. Introducing contemporary residential designs that embody practicality and emulate effortless style, Linear Constructions considers every project from your unique perspective.

We aim to create modern, functional spaces through creative solutions. It is our core mission to enrich the experience of your building journey through our streamlined processes and our passion for straightforward, stress-free results. Most important is our ability to understand and embody your personal vision in our house designs.

Our team of experts are dedicated to imagining unique projects and exploring a diverse collection of concepts and ideas. Specialising in a holistic approach, we offer residential house design that is directly integrated with our building services, working as one from commencement to completion. When you select Linear Constructions for your house designed project, you’re choosing a seamless blend of timeless design and effortless function.

What does a house designer do?

We are a building company that provides an all-in-one experience. Not only can we craft unique and modern homes, but we design them too. We understand that planning your new home can be overwhelming as it is a significant financial and personal investment. Using our decades of industry experience and design skill, we’ll listen carefully to your needs and guide you towards the realisation of your dream home design.

We offer an in-house full scope process that is fuelled by considered collaboration and concise communication – allowing you to avoid the tedious back and forth between builder and designer. This means that once we have worked closely with you to create a home design that embodies your vision, we can then oversee and execute the process of bringing it to life. Our dedicated team are ready to partner with you to create your next beautiful home on time and within budget.

We Design and Build!

At Linear, our process is simple and comprehensive. We’ll begin by sitting down with you to discuss your design goals and aspirations. This is where you’ll explain to us what type of style you’re hoping to incorporate in your new home, plus what your functional needs and plans for the future entail. We’ll ask you to provide an estimated budget and once we’re confident we understand your intentions, we’ll draft up a design plan that aligns with your expectations for cost and concept. Following this we’ll meet to discuss the plan in-depth to ensure it covers all bases and will make a final revision so you feel completely satisfied with the proposal. From there, we’ll commence the construction stage.

We describe this process as our design and construct service. It’s uncomplicated and transparent, allowing you to focus on your dream home without the worry and unnecessary stress. Placing your trust and time in the hands of one team reduces a surplus of fees and the need to find an external architect or designer. By selecting our design and construct service, you are guaranteed an inclusive experience navigated by a team of experts that are ready to exceed your expectations.

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