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There is nothing worse than living in a wonderful home that you love, but that isn’t big enough to accommodate your family and your lifestyle. It’s a difficult prospect for homeowners, who may be torn between putting up with the lack of space or begrudgingly moving out and finding a new home. But there is a solution that means you can get that additional space without packing your bags.

Enter: Home Extensions. A home extension involves building outwards from the existing property, in order to create a bigger, more spacious floor plan. It’s a broad umbrella, which could include the construction of entirely new rooms, or renovating and expanding the rooms in the current floorplan. Whatever your home requires, Linear can craft a stunning extension that is perfectly suited to both your needs and the existing home.


At Linear, our extension process is simple. Firstly, we’ll sit down for a chat, asking you to describe your goals and desires, budget and explain what type of style you’re looking to emulate. Once we feel we have a comprehensive understanding of your vision, we’ll draft up a house extension design that achieves your goals and is suitable for your budget. We’ll then take the design to you to discuss in more depth, going back and forth until you’re completely satisfied with the result. Once this has been agreed on, we’ll pull the trigger to finalise the design before lodging all planning applications. When all plans are approved, we can then complete the finishes and specification details prior to proceeding to the build.

What we’re describing here is our simple and stress-free design and construct service, which allows you to design and build your extension project completely in-house. It takes away the extra work of having to find an architect or designer, and means you’ll only be working with one team throughout the whole process. By opting for a design and construct service, you’re more likely to stay on deadline and within budget, as there is one team working in harmony to craft an enviable house extension that will exceed your expectations.


In need of a couple of extra rooms, without the need for a full house extension? Linear can achieve this for you. With special care taken to respect the existing structure, we’ll design and construct a seamless extension that works in complete harmony with your current floorplan. We are experts in ensuring that the extra rooms match up perfectly where possible, with your ceiling height and that structurally, they are a stylish and functional addition to your home.


Are you looking to add a touch of luxury and unique appeal to your current home? Then a bespoke home extension may be the choice for you. This service allows you to create space for special features and elegant selections, without forfeiting the style and charms of your existing home. This type of extension is a great way to add value to your special home, and ensure its live ability for years to come. At Linear, we’re able to help you build entirely new rooms made for leisure – including rumpus rooms, a home theatre or even a custom pool. We can also help you build custom rooms that respond to the challenges of the past two years, such as an office space uniquely suited to the demands of your work. We can also assist in expanding your current bedrooms or kitchen space to make the area more refined, comfortable, and luxurious.

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