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At Linear, we understand the concerns you may have about renovating your existing home. You may be worried about losing the original charms and style of your property, or fear that your home renovation could look stark and out of place against the older elements of the home.

With decades of experience under our belt, we’re able to craft unique and stunning modern renovations, which achieve your home goals without blowing out your budget. Through skilled craftsmanship and a dedicated team, we’ll create beautiful renovations that work in harmony with your existing structure and modernise your home with elegance and care.

A home renovation is a great solution if you love where you currently live, but are in need of a more contemporary home that better suits your current lifestyle and will cater to your evolving needs in the future.


We are a building company who specialise in unique bespoke renovations. At Linear we understand that no renovation is the same, requiring a different approach every time. We strive to craft boutique renovations which integrate seamlessly with your unique surroundings and complement your existing structure. Our renovations are built with only the best materials and use the expertise of exceptional trades who specialise in custom renovations.

We can help to connect you with interior designers and other services, which will assist in elevating your home and help you achieve a beautiful modern renovation that stands the test of time.


We don’t only specialise in large-scale renovations – we are also prolific small-scale renovators. Getting the best use out of your existing home by repurposing existing rooms to create new internal open plan living areas with new kitchens that flow out to al fresco areas for entertaining over summer. Or creating lavish parents retreats with grand Master bedrooms that adjoin Walk in Robes and opulent ensuites. With our detail-orientated approach, we’ll make your space stand out through intricate craftsmanship and faultless attention to detail. We also ensure that the small renovation works perfectly with your existing home, consulting with you closely to ensure that each design feature and selection meshes with the previous style.

Our small scale renovations are to budget, and with special attention paid to design, materials and subcontractors, you can rest assured that your home will be delivered on time and to the highest standards.


Unique to the area of Brisbane are plenty of beautiful Queenslander and Post-War homes full of classic charm and heritage design features. But oftentimes, these types of homes can be difficult to renovate, due to factors such as their size proportionate to the block of land, outdated design, and local government regulations. While homeowners may be looking to expand or extend their home, this may mean encroaching on precious backyard space. This is where a Raise and Build Under comes in. Simply put, a Raise and Build Under allows us to elevate the lower storey of the home and build under, creating a brand new ground floor area. This is the perfect method of house renovation to create more space without losing the structural charms of your existing home – or the size of your backyard.

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How Much Does A Home Renovation Cost?

It would be near impossible to provide a universal value for which to apply to any home renovation, as every project would be different. The costs will be effected by items such as the type of the renovation, the extent of any alteration to the existing structure, and accessibility of the area being renovated. Not to mention the level of finishes and specifications of the proposed renovation. As a general rule of thumb, it is always more expensive to work with existing as opposed to working with

For these reasons it pays to be cautious when adopting any square metre rate on a possible extension, and only use the rate as a very rough guide.

How Do I Plan A Home Renovation?

The first step is to determine your budget. This is essential as it will ultimately dictate what you can and can’t do. Start by creating a needs vs wants list to work out what’s essential and what you’re willing to compromise on.
Part of establishing your budget is researching as much as possible. Do some research into the kind of project you’re considering, the different outcomes that are possible within your budget and explore similar builds that inspire you. It can be helpful to put together a Pinterest board or physical collage with images of façades, features, styles and finishes that you would like to replicate.

Once you’ve established your budget and garnered an understanding of what you’re looking to achieve, it’s time to enlist some experts. At a minimum, you will require the services of a builder, architect or draftsman, engineer and private certifier.

The best place to start would be with the builder that specialises in the type of build you are trying to achieve. The builder should be able to draw from their network to recommend the most appropriate architect, engineers and other consultants. What the home owner is seeking are consultants that are pragmatic and work in their best interests. It would be highly unlikely that a builder would recommend any consultant that they have worked with, that hasn’t been pragmatic.

Also by engaging the builder pre-construction it helps to ensure the design develops in sync with the home owners budget.

Are Home Renovations Tax Deductible?

In general any renovation undertaken on your own home (principal place of residence) is not tax deductible, however the home would be Capital Gains Tax exempt. There are some small exceptions to this rule which may relate to works to a home office for anyone working from home. However, any tax deduction claimed for these works will have an effect on the capital gains exemption.

Disclaimer the response is general in advice and would advise seeking guidance from a professional for your personal circumstances

How Much to Raise and Build Under In Brisbane?

This will depend on the extent of works required in the house raise and build under. Whether there is an extensive excavation, requirement for retaining walls, the volume of structural steel which will be dictated by spans, and loads. What’s the size and extent of the concrete slab on ground and its footing requirements. Separate to this is the cost of the physical house raise itself and whether the house is a small timber structure or a major Grand Queenslander that needs to be raised and slide
into position.

Does Kitchen Renovation Increase Home Value?

Where you spend your money during a renovation can also influence the end value. There are items that are perceived to add great value and others that, although necessary, don’t translate to adding worth.

The likes of a $30,000 kitchen can easily be correlated with an increase in value. However $30,000 spent on necessary retaining walls doesn’t necessarily translate to adding the same value. It would be fair to say that a cleverly designed and highly functional kitchen should always add value to any home.