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5 Benefits of a Brisbane Home Extension

If you’ve outgrown your existing space and are deciding between building a new house or an extension of your current home, a Brisbane home extension may be the way to go. Not only will this add value to your existing house design, an extension will allow you to customise your home to your exact specifications.

Keep reading to discover five benefits of extending your house with one of Brisbane’s custom home builders. 

1. Add value to your existing home

A well-considered and designed extension that adds extra rooms or square metres to your house will always increase the value of your home. Just compare the price of a 3-bedroom with a 4-bedroom home in the same suburb and you’ll undoubtedly be convinced of the advantage.

The key is not to overcapitalise and spend more on the extension than it will add in value to your original property – which is easily achieved by talking to a Brisbane custom home builder, like Linear Design + Construct from the outset. 

Our Thorpe St extension converted an existing two bedroom Queenslander into a single level four bedroom success, with oversized master bedroom and opulent ensuite.

2. Cheaper than buying another house or building new

Extensions generally represent better value for money than buying or building another, bigger house. You may only want an additional bedroom and bathroom, but the costs of moving house quickly add up – consider agents’ fees, stamp duty, conveyancing costs, not to mention the stress of selling one house, finding another in the right suburb close to schools and your workplace, packing, moving and then unpacking. It’s exhausting just thinking about it! 

With a custom home extension, you won’t incur many of the costs involved in building a new house design. There are existing power and water connections to tap into, less raw materials and you may not have to find somewhere else to live in Brisbane while your extension is being built so you’re not paying two lots of mortgage interest or rent. It all adds up!

Money can be better spent on your preferred customised finishes when extending, rather than assigned to transactional costs, such as stamp duty, sales commissions, moving expenses, etc.

3. Extra space

Who couldn’t do with a little more space? You might have started out with a smallish home on a decent sized block in a great location, close to schools, amenities or your workplace, and as time has gone on you’ve increased your income, added a partner and/or children into the mix, and now you’re finding your much loved home is not sufficient for your needs.

A custom designed home extension is exactly the answer you’re looking for – add extra living space and another bedroom, or a bigger kitchen, more storage and better links to a more usable outdoor area – the possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination and budget.

Extending grants you the time to make informed and measured decisions due to your knowledge of where and how you currently live. Where as relocating places extreme pressure on you with decisions like location, type and price all to a highly pressured time frame.

4. Adapting to lifestyle

Are you considering a lifestyle change? Maybe you already have a side hustle and it’s time to take the plunge and branch out full time. Or your family has grown with the arrival of more children, or an elderly parent. So, extending your home will free up the kitchen bench from its dual purpose as your home ‘office’ and the kids’ homework area, and give granny some space of her own.

A small Brisbane house extension could give you an extra room to create a home office and save on the cost of renting a separate space. Or you could add an entire second storey and instantly double your living space without losing valuable outdoor area. 

Utilising clever design when extending allows one to introduce ample new storage possibilities.

5. Make it yours

If you’ve moved into a pre-loved home that was originally designed by someone else, there are bound to be things you’d like to change to put your own personal touch on the place and make it your home.

You may have an older style or heritage home that you love and has really good bones but needs a bit of TLC to bring into the 21st century.  A custom home extension gives you the chance to renovate and personalise with a modern addition that perfectly blends your style with history.

The beauty of it is that you can work together with your Brisbane custom home builder to design the house you want, and that’s why extending has become such a popular way to increase your living space.

Extensions like our Nundah project can be designed and built to future proof a clients needs for an evolving family. Open plan living/dining/kitchen with butlers pantry attached to verandah has transformed a small workers cottage into generous single level home that perfectly flows and will accommodate the changing family dynamic into the future.

Huge Bonus Benefit – Often overlooked

Depending on the nature of the extension, it is sometimes possible to remain in the property for a majority if not all of the build. If the extension is an add on to the existing, with minimal works within the remaining portion of the house, such as cut-through or minor alterations. Then all works can proceed to the new addition/extension prior to any disruption to the occupants of the house. Once the extension is safe and the property is secure, then the builder may undertake works inside the existing house. Which will minimise the period of living in the same area as the building works. Obviously, the builder will need to ensure all Health and Safety issues, as well as services (i.e. water, sewerage, electricity) are addressed. This was the process followed in both our Wooloowin & Nundah extension projects. In both of these projects the extensions were built initially before the transition from existing to new occur. Careful planning with both the design & build meant that there was minimal disruption for the clients.

Needless to say this can make a substantial saving for the homeowner that rarely would be accounted for initially. Not to mention the convenience of staying in house and not needing to uproot, by finding alternative accommodation elsewhere for the complete duration of any build.

To talk about house designs for your custom home extension in Brisbane, get in touch with the team at Linear Design + Construct today!

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