Enlisting an Architect

5 Common Myths About Enlisting an Architect

You’ve probably heard many horror stories about architects over the years – there’s that friend whose architect who created stunning house plans that were way over budget; your cousin who was stung by an architect who didn’t care about their vision; or your neighbour, who couldn’t afford to build their dream home because the architectural plans themselves cost too much. Stories like these give architects a bad name but it shouldn’t be this way. One of the best ways to achieve a functional and well-designed home that suits your specifications is to enlist the help of a design and construct builder. These guys will oversee the entire design process to ensure it is making on time, on budget and to your unique requirements. Let’s clarify some of the myths around using an architect to create your new home and how a design and construct builder can help put your fears at ease.

Myth 1: Architects are too expensive

As a ballpark figure, an architect should be charging around 10-15% of the cost of construction, depending on the scale of your project. If this seems too much for your humble home you could always enlist the help of a design and construct builder, who will select a draftsman or building designer, which may be more suited to your budget. Being clear about your budget from the beginning and selecting a builder to guide and assist you will ensure you avoid delays and disappointment and achieve plans that can actually afford to be built. One of the other things we often hear at Linear Design and Construct is clients approaching us with expensive architectural plans and a budget that doesn’t allow for them to be built. If we have to redesign your initial plans, this will cost time and money. Why not start as you mean to go on and work with a builder and designer from the very beginning.

Myth 2: Architects won’t listen to what I want

There are some self-serving architects out there who probably won’t listen to what you want, however you find these people in all areas of life. There are also some incredibly talented and understanding architects and building designers around who will listen to exactly what you’re after and make it happen. Again, enlisting a builder from the beginning means they can work closely with an architect to create exactly what you want. This means you’ll have another professional on your side who will keep things aligned with your vision. Selecting a tried and tested design and construct builder who can communicate well with your architect or building designer will ensure your home is designed exactly as you want.

Myth 3: I don’t need an architect – I can do it myself

You do not need an architect to create your project, however, you will need to have some kind of professional on board, whether that’s a draftsman, building designer or an architect. Much like the actual construction of your new home, there are licenses and skills necessary to be able to design a home that will stand the test of time and this is not something the average person can do. If you don’t want to use an architect, choose a builder who can help you find a draftsman or building designer instead. This will save you money in architectural designs but will ensure your home is well designed and functional.

Myth 4: An architect will just use my project to win awards

Obviously, your architect wants to win awards so they can win more projects and clients, however, not all architects are so egotistical that they will put this above all else. You should find an architect who prides themselves on making their clients’ ideas shine, while still adding a touch of their own flair to the project. After all, their unique touch is the reason you will engage an architect in the first place. If you’re looking for someone to simply design exactly what you want, perhaps a building designer or draftsman is a better option for your home. The best way to select this person is through your chosen builder – they will have trusted professionals that they use regularly who they know can make your project shine.

Myth 5: I don’t want anything too complicated

You don’t need to use an architect to create a stunning home, especially if you’re after something uncomplicated. One of the great things about a design and construct builder is that you can approach them. With your vision and brief and they will select a draftsman, designer or architect to suit your unique project. Getting your new home’s design right the first time is important, but this doesn’t have to be done by an architect. To find out more, get in touch with Linear Design + Construct today.
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