5 small things You Can do to Add Value to Your Home

Selling your home, or thinking about renting it out? There are often small changes you can easily make to increase the value of your home in Australia without blowing your budget.

Do you want to improve the market appeal of your property? You can by following these simple steps.

1. Work on first impressions

When someone approaches and enters your home, positive impact matters. Homeowners are familiar with the space and can miss the finer details. Consider these points to improve your kerb appeal:

The condition of the front gate and letter box.

Peeling paint on the front gate and a rusty latch that sticks aren’t a great start, so be sure to spruce them up. If you have a dilapidated letterbox, replace it with a contemporary, affordable option.

The state of the garden and walkway.

Everyone mows the lawn, but make sure you weed the driveway and path too. It’s also best that prospective buyers don’t have to survive ant hills or wasp nests to reach the entrance.

Recon the front porch or verandah zone.

Check for broken or slippery steps, and consider cleaning or treating the surfacing. And remember to ensure clean front windows. Is the doormat faded? Does the doorbell need batteries? Try a new lick of paint on the front walls and replace the front door if needed too.

2. Utilise available space well

A common complaint from home buyers is a general lack of storage in prospective purchases. Coffee tables and beds doubling as storage solutions are an ideal option. Installing shelves is cost-effective too. Consider installing integrated cupboards or storage in keeping with the rest of the home.

Evaluate each space and try to lift and spruce flat zones. Does a certain room present a possible work-from-home solution? Is there a nook that could be converted into a designated home office? How about a reading chair near the window? Would a bookshelf be a welcome addition?

Adding artwork or a mirror, for example, can prove a simple yet transformative step. Could a dark corner benefit from a lamp? Outside, if an alfresco set won’t fit, add a small table and single chair for flair.

3.  Take advantage of the sun

Today’s buyers and renters are looking for more environmentally friendly features in homes, with sustainable living a priority. Solar panels help reduce the carbon footprint of the residents and reduce electricity costs.

While solar panels are a pricier improvement, they can make your home more appealing to buyers and especially renters. With the rise in electricity rates, solar panels on your investment property will make it stand out from the rest.

4. Celebrate the power of paint

If a full renovation, including flooring, is out of your budget, repainting interiors is a time-honoured way to revamp a home on the market. A few uplifting applications of paint can reframe a space.

Kitchen overhaul too pricey? Freshen first impressions with paint. Consider a wall colour change for your home’s most lacklustre rooms.

And as mentioned for the front façade, repaint fencing and any garden pots for an instant lift.

5. Embrace biophilic living

People respond positively to nature. Biophilic interior design includes items and features that reference the natural world. This can be as simple as strategically adding living plants throughout the home.

Anyone who is upgrading interiors with neutral additions should consider natural textures across pillows, rugs, and other decorative elements. Remember to refresh the bathroom too, so it feels welcoming and relaxing.

Onto your new home

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