Adding A Pool To Your Home: Everything You Need To Know

Lazy days by the pool, afternoons spent in the water – it’s not an Aussie summer without a swimming pool. And with warmer weather right around the corner, you may be thinking of adding this feature to your home.

Pools form a popular part of many boutique home renovations’ masterplan. At Linear Design + Construct, we believe the addition of a pool will enhance your outdoor area, increase property value, and improve your quality of life.

Professional help ensures a pool area that maximises increased home value, in a budget-friendly way. From running costs to aesthetic concerns, expert advice equals a pool design that fits your property and lifestyle.

Designing a pool area

Eager to install a pool but don’t know where to begin? Here are some important questions to ask yourself straight off the bat.

What type of pool do I want? How do I choose size and shape?

Pool design fuses practicality and aesthetics. Many types of pools are on the market, with varying pros and cons. Common pool choices in Australia include fibreglass, above-ground, vinyl-lined, and concrete.

Begin by selecting in-ground or above-ground, and then decide whether you want family, lap, or plunge pools. The topography (flat or sloped) of your property may dictate the type of pool you can install as well. Plunge pools provide a quick dip, family pools with shallows suit families, while lap pools appeal to the athletic.

Budget, available yard space, and usage all matter. Factor in the cost of the type of fencing, chemicals (chlorine, salt or mineral water?) maintenance, equipment, heating and warranties. Evaluate the area for sun access and wind chill.

What about around the pool? How do I make the pool look good?

You want a functional space that complements your home and garden. Quality pool design makes sure how your family uses the pool is incorporated into the area design via a mix of hardscaping and softscaping.

A professional designer also takes care to tie the pool and property together aesthetically. For example, a hyper-modern outdoor pool area against a heritage home can feel jarring—making expert design input invaluable.

Consider practicalities. Avoid placing the pool close to the house in a way that blocks access to the rest of the yard. You need to enable quick pool time on hot days, without limiting garden access in Autumn and Winter.

Pool placement and safety

In Queensland, your pool can be placed at a one-metre distance from the home, but other factors need to be taken into account. Rules pertaining to pool safety barriers come first. A pool owner must meet all requirements, or risk a local council fine.

Pools must be registered, and compliant with the state’s safety standards. A quality builder should make sure pools meet necessary conditions, including elements like balconies and decking that may impinge on safety.

The cost and value of a pool

The people of Queensland love pools. Depending on the type, size and installation needs, you’re looking at generally anywhere between $25,000 and $100,000 for a Brisbane pool. The level of value added to your home depends on a few factors.

Size, age and type of pool, along with the suburb location impact added value. The pool area design may also affect property price. But it’s worth noting, that a backyard pool offers hours of social enjoyment and outdoor exercise for the family.

Talk to our team about your new pool

Linear Design + Construct works with clients in Brisbane across small-scale and large-scale renovations. Contact us to discuss a pool installation, as part of your renovation or new home build masterplan and transform your property.