Avoiding Budget Blowout

Building or renovating a Brisbane home is an exciting prospect, but that thrill can quickly be dampened by unforeseen costs. We hear stories about it all the time – a homeowner has finalised a design, found an excellent builder and organised a timeline for the build. But then, as construction begins, costs begin to climb.

The good news is that you can avoid this unnecessary stress easily. Through careful organisation and by making key decisions early on, a beautiful new home or renovation project can be built completely within budget. Today on the blog we’re breaking down exactly what you need to know to avoid budget blowout. 

Work with a local Brisbane builder from the start 

The best way to keep your build within budget is to work with a local Brisbane builder from the earliest stages of the design process. You might be wondering, “what do builders have to offer during this stage?” A lot actually. 

A builder can use their expertise and experience to provide advice on cost-effective materials and inform you of the real-time labour costs of the tradespeople and subcontractors who will be required to bring your vision to life. A builder can also connect you with the perfect Brisbane architect or building designer for your project. 

Working with a builder early on leads to a more collaborative and seamless building process. With everyone working together and on the same page, you can be assured that your Brisbane home design will be built specifically to suit your needs and budget.

Look carefully at your building quote
One question we are asked a lot at Linear Design + Construct, is why we charge for quotes, especially as other builders offer them for free. This answer is simple – a quality and accurate quote which is hugely detailed takes time, expertise and resources to get right. 

It involves a full measure take off and market testing with quality tried suppliers and subcontractors. The quotes typically are 15-30+ pages and are highly detailed. It’s imperative to have this level of detail as it will form the specification and the scope of works to any possible contract.

Most Brisbane builders offering no-obligation, free quotes are often simply going off square metre averages, which are rarely accurate and seriously lacking detail. In fact, some estimates suggest that free quotes only have 20% chance of being accurate

A quote from a quality Brisbane home builder will include a detailed breakdown of costs as well as budget allocation for materials or works that cannot be determined at the time of quoting. These costs should be inspected carefully, however. Some builders will put in small allowances to make a quote look cheaper and get you to sign on quickly, however this estimate will likely blow out once construction commences.

A client should be left with no doubt about what is covered and what has been allowed for in a quality quote.

Don’t change your plans 

Once you’ve signed off on your new Brisbane home design, and construction has begun, you shouldn’t change your plans unless completely necessary. This will cause additional costs in the form of variations that will not have been allocated for in your budget. 

Variations can be avoided by carefully scrutinising your design with your builder and architect or building designer before construction, so you have an accurate sense of what your home will look and feel like once it’s complete. A quality Brisbane builder will offer innovative technologies such as 3D renders or virtual reality walkthroughs so you can see exactly how your home will look when built.

Specialists are essential

If your home project involves a certain service – such as the renovation or extension of a Queenslander home for instance – you should choose a Brisbane home builder who specialises in this niche. They will have the necessary experience in this type of project and consequently will have a more thorough understanding of the costs involved than a builder who doesn’t work in this area.

If you’re looking for a quality builder who can help you avoid budget blowout on your next Brisbane custom home build, renovation or extension project, get in touch with the team at Linear Design + Construct today.

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