Factors To Consider Before Renovating Your Laundry Room

Laundries can sometimes receive less attention compared with other rooms in the home, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Gone are the days when these spaces served as merely utilitarian rooms, as innovative technologies and streamlined design can improve both the feel and functionality of your laundry space.


Fall in Love with your Laundry

Renovating can be as beneficial as it is beautiful for you and your home.  As the creative director of the project, you can pour your imagination into the design and, with clever layout, create a space tailored around your needs and wants. Create a luxurious laundry you will want to spend time in that functions to your needs!


The Nitty Gritty

There are many variables to consider when renovating a space. Your budget, the size of the room, and the existing structures you’re working with and around. Cost management is key in any renovation project and making a list of needs vs wants helps to prioritise the budget spend and thereby help control costs


There are many ways in which innovative design can bring your vision to life. The average laundry size in Australia is anywhere between 1.6×2 metres to 2.4 x 3.4 metres. What’s possible for your renovation will depend on the space you have to work with and your budget.


Airflow, Light and Easy Access

Notable things to consider in a laundry renovation might include ventilation, airflow, light, and bench space. A light breeze flowing through the room can aid in drawing out excess moisture from clothes and prevent mould from forming. Laundries can often feel sterile and have a cold, clinical feel to them. Introducing warmer colours, feature light fittings, and sheer curtains can bring the mood of the room back up again. Creating more window space in the process of renovating or introducing a skylight where possible, are additional ways of bringing a homely, lighter feel into the space.


Another relevant aspect to consider for some people might be the access from the proposed laundry location to the external drying area. Ideally, you want to access the external clothes hoist directly from your laundry, and not have to navigate through various rooms to get to it.

Cabinetry & Storage

Designing cabinetry around existing or new appliances and considering the overall flow in the space are great ways of introducing a seamless feel that you’ll no doubt enjoy for years to come. There are endless storage solutions available to hide away unsightly products or keep them out of the reach of little hands. There has also been a large shift towards the introduction of natural drying options within laundry rooms. These might include hanging rails that utilise hangers or drying racks. Both can be incorporated within the cabinetry, so they seamlessly blend and are unobtrusive to the flow and function of the room.


For those who have a multiple-level home, and the laundry room is on ground level, there may occasionally be the option of introducing a laundry chute on the upper level that drops directly to a designated space in the laundry. All this can be concealed with the clever use of cabinetry within the laundry and seen only when washing is to occur. With the position of the chute on the upper level, it would be preferable to be accessible where anyone can access it (this may not always be possible).


Given the utilitarian nature of the chute, you don’t necessarily want to make a feature of it. Instead, it is generally discrete where possible, by either having it concealed in built-in cupboards or incorporated in purpose-built cabinetry. The beauty of this contraption is there are no moving parts (gravity fed), so it won’t break down. It also mitigates the need to traverse through the entire house to drop off dirty laundry to the ground floor.


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