Introducing Our New Online Course: How to Manage Your Renovation Like a Pro

How to Manage Your Renovation Like a Pro

At Linear Design + Construct, we pride ourselves on making residential construction accessible to all Australians. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our new online course ‘How to Manage Your Renovation Like a Pro’. This comprehensive six-module course covers everything from developing a concept design to your budget, checklists for selecting contractors and designers, where risk lies in a building contract, and common post-construction tasks.

With expert guidance and practical advice from Michael Pinter, we’ll help you navigate the renovation process from concept to completion. Whether you’re a first-time renovator, a passionate DIYer or a homeowner looking to get the best results from an upcoming renovation, this course will equip you with the knowledge and tools to successfully manage your renovation and transform your space into the home of your dreams.

Is Our Renovations Course for You?

If you’re seeking guidance for a successful renovation project, our course is designed for you. Whether you’re new to renovations and feeling overwhelmed, or an experienced renovator with limited time, our modules will provide valuable insights. With a concrete understanding of the renovations process, you’ll minimise stress and enjoy a seamless building experience, without having to micromanage every detail.

Even if you plan on having minimal involvement throughout the design and build, our course offers a framework and metrics for tasks like selecting a builder, setting an agenda, and identifying defects post-construction. Of course, if you plan on having absolutely no involvement in the project, then there’s little sense in taking this course.

However, if you’re planning a renovation and want peace of mind that the project is heading in the right direction and confidence that you can navigate any challenges that may arise, we highly recommend taking this course.

What Will the Renovation Course Cover?

‘How to Manage Your Renovation Like a Pro’ is split into six modules, each of which covers a major part of the renovation process. Michael will take you through each section in detail to ensure you’re ready to enjoy a seamless and stress-free renovation.

Module 1: Pre-Design Stage

This module covers everything you need to do before engaging professionals or spending large sums of money. First you will identify your motivation for the renovation and create a list of needs and wants for your home update. This list will guide you throughout the renovation.

Michael will guide you in creating a realistic building budget based on your needs and wants. You will also learn how to conduct initial inquiries with your local council to understand any significant restrictions. The last lesson in this module covers quick checks for those who have developed their own concept plans to ensure that they are acceptable to council.

Module 2: Assemble Your Team

The second module is about selecting the right team for your renovation project. Michael will introduce a unique approach called the “right to left arrangement” that prioritises your goals and vision for the renovation. Once you understand this approach, you’ll learn how to choose the right builder and architect, designer or draftsperson, depending on what’s most appropriate for your project.

Next, we will cover the preliminaries services agreement for pre-construction services, whereby you will engage your builder to optimise your design to ensure it suits your budget. A builder’s expertise at this stage offers potential cost savings and reassurance that your project is feasible. The final lesson of this module covers other consultants that may be required in your project and when they should be involved. We’ll also discuss how to develop your concept within a budget to meet your goals and requirements.

Module 3: Design Development & Approvals Stage

In this module, we’ll delve into design development and the approvals process. The first lesson covers setting the agenda and making an accountability arrangement, so each team member knows what’s expected of them moving forward. We’ll then move on to concept plans, equipping you with the skills to ensure your concept plans meet your goals and if not, to determine why. We’ll also go through which consultants you might need to call upon at this stage and why their skills may be necessary.

Finally, the approvals process. It’s important to mention that our course adheres to Queensland regulations. Although most of the content is applicable nationwide, this specific lesson focuses on the Queensland approvals process. We will guide you through the steps you need to take before submitting any applications. This includes analysing plans, costings, and buildability before initiating the approval process. This preparation ensures that you are well-equipped when your project reaches the approvals stage.

Module 4: Develop Comprehensive Scope of Works & Detailing

The fourth module is about tying up all the loose ends to ensure that your expectations of the completed build are aligned with what will be contracted on. We’ll start with developing a finishes schedule, moving onto the detailing of cabinetry and joinery, and services like electrical and gas.

Michael will then show you how to turn these details into a wider scope of works to ensure there are no loose ends. By completing a deep dive into the schedule and scope of works at this stage, you’ll have a clear idea of what to expect and be able to identify any elements that have not been considered.

Module 5: Tender Analysis, Contract Builder & Pre-Build Activities

This module covers the final pre-build activities, starting with an analysis of your builder’s tender proposal. We’ll provide you with the skills required to break down a proposal to ensure every aspect of your project has been considered and any identify potential risk areas. Additionally, we explore lead times and availability, offering valuable insights into these crucial aspects of your project planning.

We’ll also go over a review of contract terms and conditions so you’re able to completely understand what a builder is offering – and most importantly, what isn’t included. Finally, we’ll address any remaining tasks like insurance, relocation during construction and other non-build related consideration.

Module 6: Build

The final module focuses on the build. We’ll cover items you will need to adhere so as not to adversely affect the build. Our goal is for you to have minimal involvement in the actual build, but to confidently monitor and track progress, especially if you have moved out during this time.

In the final two lessons of this module, you will discover how to assess the quality of your own build by evaluating the standard of finishes. You’ll gain the expertise needed to make well-informed decisions regarding finishes and efficiently handle the post-construction defects process.

Why Enrol in a Renovations Course

A renovations course provides you with the tools, knowledge and resources to project manage your renovation like a professional. Not only that, in our course, Michael will provide insight into common pitfalls and potential risks and errors that can occur during a renovation, as well as essential steps and strategies to prevent them. By undertaking this course, you’ll also be able to identify common sources of budget blowout and avoid costly mistakes during your renovation.

How to Get the Most from This Course

This course contains a wealth of crucial information. To make the most of it, we recommend completing no more than three lessons, or dedicating 30–45 minutes, before taking a break. It’s advisable to go through the entire course first. Once you’ve finished all the modules, we encourage you to revisit the beginning and utilize the course as a valuable reference tool throughout your renovation journey.

Going through the course in its entirety before you undertake a renovation will provide you with a deeper understanding of the framework and the process that you are about to embark on. Once you sign up to ‘How to Manage Your Renovation Like a Pro,’ you’ll have unlimited access to all course materials for two years, so you can take your time completing each module and refer back at any time.

About Michael Pinter and Linear Design + Construct

Michael Pinter is a qualified carpenter and builder with a degree in Applied Science and Construction Management. With over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry throughout Queensland and internationally, including works as a contracts manager, contracts administrator and quantity surveyor with several large commercial builders

In 2005, Michael launched Linear Design + Construct to address the issue of builders, designers, architects and other consultants working in isolation. By offering a comprehensive design and construct service under one roof, he aims to make the building process seamless and stress-free.

Given Michael’s experience, he is acutely aware of the pain points in most projects and the common pitfalls many clients face. By developing this course, he aims to educate and inform homeowners across Australia so they can successfully manage their renovation projects.  

How to Enrol and Manage Your Next Renovation Like a Pro

Are you interested in signing up to our course and learning how to manage your next renovation like a pro? Signing up is easy – simply follow this link, fill out your details and hit play. Each lesson is pre-recorded so you can start and stop at your leisure!

If you’re looking to learn more about Linear Design + Construct or want to discuss this course in more detail, get in touch with Michael via email on [email protected] or phone at 0404 713 679.