Why It Pays to Choose Quality Over Price

Building a custom home or extensive renovation project is a huge financial and emotional investment that can take months or even years to complete. For many people, this is is the only time they’ll undertake a project of this scale.

This is why it’s so important to choose the right builder. Someone who will be able to deliver on your brief and all of your specific requirements; who will create the home of your dreams both on time and within budget.

However, quality comes at a cost. Working with talented builders, experienced building designers or architects, top-notch tradespeople and subcontractors, as well as high-quality materials, will cost you more than their cheaper or less experienced counterparts.

But by spending more now, you’ll be investing in your future and reducing the need to spend money on updates or repairs down the track. If you opt to work with a low-quality builder offering very cheap prices, the quality of the work and the successful management of the actual build will likely reflect the price, and you may be forced to spend much more in renovation costs later on. 

Paying for quotes 

A high-quality builder will generally charge for a building quote. This is to ensure they put the necessary time and resources toward compiling an accurate and comprehensive tender based on the current prices of quality tried and tested materials and labour. When you work with the team at Linear Design + Construct, we’ll produce a comprehensive quote with a high level of detail, to ensure there is no doubt on the extent of the works.

Builders who offer free quotes will often put these together hastily, which can open you up to inaccurate costings or a lack of detail. This means your project may end up costing significantly more than originally estimated in your free quote. In this instance, the cheaper option may be the more expensive one. 

Quote inclusions 

You should look at your contract to see how you are protected when it comes to your build. Are there guarantees in the contract about costs, quality, deadlines and maintenance to the home? Does your builder have all of the necessary insurances relevant to your state? Will they be available to fix up or amend any issues after handover? These are all signs of a high-quality builder. 

Be wary of time frames that seem unreasonable

Home renovation television shows have given us a warped sense of how long it actually takes to build a quality home. While you may see a space go from zero to hero in a single episode of “The Block”, the reality is much different. On average, an Australian home takes 10 to 12 months to build. While this may seem like a long time, that’s what it takes to complete an exceptional home that’s functional, durable and worth your investment. 

Builders may come to you offering speedy time frames – which may also make the cost of building cheaper – however you need to consider what you will lose by choosing this builder. For instance, will the quality of the finishes be compromised? Will you be unsatisfied with the finished home, after all that work and financial investment?

While investing in a high-quality builder may cost more initially, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning and high-quality home that will last a lifetime. 
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